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December Business Meeting Minutes and Election

12-8-19 Ballyhoo Grill in Gainesville Florida. Attendance: Chair Carl Horton Vice Chair Chris Jones Treasurer/Secretary James Ward Members Jote, Greg Caudill, Wanda Ward Attendance Alia Allen, Benjamin Glazer Vote was held by the members eligible to vote in regards to Vice chair and Secretary. C.Jones retains seat J.Ward is voted in as Secretary to keep […]

November Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance Chair Carl Horton Vice Chair Chris Jones Treasurer James Ward Location: Black Adder Brewing Company Gainesville Florida. 12-8-19   Discussion in regards to Secretary not uploading the minutes as per requirements, and missing three or more business meetings in a row. Special Election was called to replace inactive Secretary. James Ward elected to temporarily […]

June 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting Old Business Committee Reports Membership Committee – Wanda Ward, Chris Jones, Logan James Ward Chair New affiliate help committee – Greg Peele from Florida Libertarian Convention Starting a high school club Bucholz – Affiliate – endorsement from us. New registers Get info of new people Need to look at data! Jack v […]

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