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Business Meeting Minutes for 1-3-21

Attendees: Chris Jones, Wanda Ward, Nick Klein, Jordan Marlowe, Bob Caudill, Ben Glazer, Jote Thompson, James Ward, Carl Horton, and (guest)Bob. Topics discussed: Proposed Fund Raising with Cottage Law Goods. At least two kitchens are combining for the effort to raise donations for future endeavors. Agreed by all. Tasks delegated. Seeing as Alachua County has […]

Business Meeting Agenda for 1-3-21

Hello everyone! Meeting location: Las Margaritas, Gainesville FL at 3:00pm. We sit outdoors to allow space between everyone. Topics: Outreach, Events, Liberty Garage interviews scheduling, Merch and Swag Bags for new members. Hope to see you there, Wanda Ward Secretary, Libertarian Party of Alachua County

Meeting Minutes for 12-6-20

Attended by Carl Horton, Chris Jones, James Ward, Wanda Ward, Jote’ Thompson, Jennifer Mitchell, Ben Glazer Topics Discussed: Collecting payments for shirts, Member Outreach, Creating a ‘new member’ swag bag. Fund raising events. No Motions Vote for Chair and Secretary. James Ward is voted in as Chair, Wanda Ward is voted in as Secretary. Due […]

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