Current Issues

Current Issues

Exploring Advisory Boards in Gainesville and Alachua County

Advisory boards have decision making capabilities and budgets making them a great way to enter local government without running for election.

Run for Local Office in 2018!

Do you want to see Alachua County come down from having the highest millage rate in Florida?  Do you want to see a City of Gainesville that is business friendly and fosters an environment of opportunity for all?  Do you want to see more choice and competition in schools? Great!  Then we need YOU to [...]

Libertarian Holiday Meetup, 12/13/16

December’s monthly meeting will be our first ever Holiday Meet-Up! Come to Ballyhoos for dinner and enjoy the good company of other liberty minded members of our community and group as we quickly go through our club business and otherwise celebrate the holidays, the success of our group in 2016 and as we look forward […]

Healthcare | Libertarian Party

Libertarians believe that healthcare prices would decrease and quality and availability of healthcare would increase if providers were freed from government meddling and control. Virtually every person wants access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Libertarians think the best way to achieve this is by removing government interference and enabling free markets. Government inappropriately […]