Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes 5-2-21

Agenda: None Attendees: James Ward, Wanda Ward, Chris Jones. The road cleanup was pushed back to the Saturday after 5-29. July Meeting will be 7-11-21 due to Independence Holiday. June Meeting will be at Convention. No agenda planned.

Business Meeting Minutes 4-11-21

Agenda: None again. Attendees: James Ward, Wanda Ward, Carl Horton, Chris Jones. Financial Report submitted. County Initiatives we can get involved in: Remove At-Large voting, Take on GRU rates. It’s freaking frigid at this meeting.

Business Meeting Minutes 3-7-21

Attendees: James Ward, Wanda Ward, Jote Thompson, Chris Jones, Carl Horton, Faith, Mike, Angela. James talked about Uganda and the East African Liberty Convention in April. Discussion about sending some contacts liberty swag and rack cards.  We discussed Rank Choice Voting and how the State party is taking it on. Carl mentioned that Judges running […]

Business Meeting Minutes 2-7-21

Attendees: James Ward, Wanda Ward, Chris Jones, Carl Horton, Jote Thompson, Jennifer Mitchell, Bob Caudill. Talked a bit about Rank Choice Voting ballot initiative. We talked about needing an action committee to collect signatures. We talked about making small 30 second videos on youtube and other mediums where people just answer the question, why are […]

Business Meeting Minutes for 1-3-21

Attendees: Chris Jones, Wanda Ward, Nick Klein, Jordan Marlowe, Bob Caudill, Ben Glazer, Jote Thompson, James Ward, Carl Horton, and (guest)Bob. Topics discussed: Proposed Fund Raising with Cottage Law Goods. At least two kitchens are combining for the effort to raise donations for future endeavors. Agreed by all. Tasks delegated. Seeing as Alachua County has […]

Meeting Minutes for 12-6-20

Attended by Carl Horton, Chris Jones, James Ward, Wanda Ward, Jote’ Thompson, Jennifer Mitchell, Ben Glazer Topics Discussed: Collecting payments for shirts, Member Outreach, Creating a ‘new member’ swag bag. Fund raising events. No Motions Vote for Chair and Secretary. James Ward is voted in as Chair, Wanda Ward is voted in as Secretary. Due […]

Business Meeting Minutes for 9-6-20

Meeting held at Las Margaritas in Gainesville. Attended by: Carl H. Chair Chris J. Vice Chair James W. Secretary/Treasurer Wanda W. Kelly M. Mat M. Greg C.   No floor motions Decided pricing of shirts at $20.00 USD. Order taken for shirts by those present. We ordered some yard signs for our candidate. Discussed why […]

Business Meeting Minutes for 8-2-20

Meeting held at Las Margaritas Gainesville, FL. Attended by Carl Horton- Chair, James Ward- Secretary, Treasurer Wanda Ward-member Dom-new member Topic: Finalized t-shirt logo lettering font. Discussed libertarianism and how different the two primary parties have grown.

Business Meeting Minutes 7-5-20

Wahoo Seafood Grill in Gainesville, FL. Carl Horton – Chair Chris Jones – Vice Chair James Ward – Secretary / Treasurer Wanda Ward Alia Allen Mat McIntyre Kelly McIntyre Hayden Jones Voted on a new graphic design logo for our shirts. Voted to pay for the art $100.00 Discussed the audacity of Kanye West’s narcissistic […]

Business Meeting Minutes 6-7-20

Wahoo Seafood Grill in Gainesville 3pm EST. Attendees: Carl Horton -Chair Chris Jones -Vice Chair James Ward -Secretary/Treasurer Wanda Ward   No motions. Discussion about how to support our Presidential Candidate, via Yard Signs and discussing the need to reach out to see who in in charge of Florida for Jo’s campaign, see where we […]

Business Meeting March 2020

Libertarian Party of Alachua County (LPAC) Business meeting on March 1st 2020 3:00pm Location Black Adder Brewing Company 618 nw 60th street sta1 Gainesville, FL. 32605. Attendance Chris Jones -Vice Chair James Ward-Secretary, Treasurer. Wanda Ward-Member Old Business: Secretary Motions to suspend temporarily, all committees until membership grows. Aye by Chris Jones. Seconded by Wanda […]

December Business Meeting Minutes and Election

12-8-19 Ballyhoo Grill in Gainesville Florida. Attendance: Chair Carl Horton Vice Chair Chris Jones Treasurer/Secretary James Ward Members Jote, Greg Caudill, Wanda Ward Attendance Alia Allen, Benjamin Glazer Vote was held by the members eligible to vote in regards to Vice chair and Secretary. C.Jones retains seat J.Ward is voted in as Secretary to keep […]

November Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance Chair Carl Horton Vice Chair Chris Jones Treasurer James Ward Location: Black Adder Brewing Company Gainesville Florida. 12-8-19   Discussion in regards to Secretary not uploading the minutes as per requirements, and missing three or more business meetings in a row. Special Election was called to replace inactive Secretary. James Ward elected to temporarily […]

June 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting Old Business Committee Reports Membership Committee – Wanda Ward, Chris Jones, Logan James Ward Chair New affiliate help committee – Greg Peele from Florida Libertarian Convention Starting a high school club Bucholz – Affiliate – endorsement from us. New registers Get info of new people Need to look at data! Jack v […]

March 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Carl, Jote and Greg in attendance, New Business: Alachua County Supervisor of Elections : meeting with all parties Likely re: tardy filing of reports Nearly fined Current treasurer likely leaving in May Need overlap to train new treasurer Nominations? Could fall to secretary Call from Spencer Gardner – LPF Director-at-large Canvasing system (CRM) – 3rd […]

February 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

15:06 at Crafty Bastards Treasury Report – $156.55 Secretary – pending checks from the closure of Caudill account Check PO Box. Met with Marlowe and Leon on the Suicide Prevention Gala What will it be called? S.O.S. Stomp Out Suicide Logos – From Marlowe’s students Less cartoony lifesaver Locations? Harn Museum? 2500 to rent String […]

January 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

January Business Meeting 1/20/19 1500 Crafty Bastards NW 39th Attending – Chair Carl Horton Vice Chair Chris Jones Member Mayor Jordan Marlowe Member Jote Old Business: Finances, closing of Caudill campaign account. Tbd $563.20 State convention: May 3-5 in Tampa Discussion about choosing location. Discussion about activities for convention: electing officers, constitutional amendments Expanding membership: […]

Business Meeting Minutes for 8-19-18

Time 4:21pm Place Crafty B’astards 4860 Northwest 39th Avenue A, Gainesville, FL 32606 Attending: Carl Horton, Chris Jones, Tatiana Grower, Greg Caudill, Jordan Marlowe, Ryan Ramsey, James Ward.   Discussions: Treasury Report for April1 to August 20th: 5,000 usd IN. 5,684.43 usd OUT. Balance 479.16 usd.   Getting Voters Registered as LPF and the costs […]

Business Meeting Minutes for 7-15-18

Business meeting Minutes for 7-15-18 Attending: Carl Horton, Chris Jones, Tatiana Grower, Jennifer Mitchell and James Ward. Topics discussed: Finance report given by Treasurer. Funds in 5000$, funds out 5,655.83$. Touched on the Constitutional Review recently voted on. Discussed continuing roadside cleanup and adopt a road program. Set up next cleanup Saturday 7-21 at 8am, […]

Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Learn what was discussed in our January meeting where former Libertarian Congressional candidates Paul Stanton and Thomas Knapp paid us an unexpected visit.

Meeting Minutes – October 2016

Alachua County Libertarians Meeting 3 at the Alachua County Library in Downtown Gainesville, FL. Agenda: Discussing future goals and last minute election duties. Meeting started at 3:05pm on Oct. 27, 2016. There were 10 people in attendance including officers, Tatiana Grower (Chair), Carl Horton (Vice), Jennifer Mitchell (Secretary) and Allé Ou (Treasurer) was absent. Carl […]

Meeting Minutes – August 2016

Alachua County Libertarians First Meeting Minutes August, 2016 Reitz Union The first meeting of the Alachua County Florida Libertarians was called to order at 7:30pm at the Reitz Union on the UF Campus. Officers attending were: Tatiana Grower (Chair), Carl Horton (Vice Chair), Alejandro Ou (Treasurer) and Jennifer Mitchell (Secretary). In addition, a total of […]