Business Meeting March 2020

Libertarian Party of Alachua County (LPAC) Business meeting on March 1st 2020 3:00pm

Location Black Adder Brewing Company 618 nw 60th street sta1 Gainesville, FL. 32605.


Chris Jones -Vice Chair

James Ward-Secretary, Treasurer.

Wanda Ward-Member

Old Business:

Secretary Motions to suspend temporarily, all committees until membership grows.

Aye by Chris Jones. Seconded by Wanda Ward.

New Business:

Decision on road cleanups was made prior and seconded by James Ward:

1st Saturday of every other month will be all volunteer road cleanup, followed by holding the monthly business meeting at the Taco Bell on the corner of 13th street. Two birds, one stone. This way the excuses of some to not attend meetings due to location(alcohol serving venue) will be brought to light.

Discussing Signing up with Mises Caucus and attending National Convention in Texas as alternates.

Meeting concludes about 4:30pm.