Business Meeting Minutes for 1-3-21


Chris Jones, Wanda Ward, Nick Klein, Jordan Marlowe, Bob Caudill, Ben Glazer, Jote Thompson, James Ward, Carl Horton, and (guest)Bob.

Topics discussed:

Proposed Fund Raising with Cottage Law Goods. At least two kitchens are combining for the effort to raise donations for future endeavors. Agreed by all. Tasks delegated.

Seeing as Alachua County has the highest rate of youth suicides in the state we decided to host a Suicide Prevention Fundraising Dinner, proceeds to go to Meridian and other youth mental health services in the area TBD.

Discussed ways to get a ballot initiative moving forward and the costs of petitioning and advertising. Proposal to begin ballot initiative work. Agreed by all. Tasks delegated.

Proposal to meet at a new location: Tossing around the idea of Limerock Road. No Agree at meeting, will discuss privately and announce closer to meeting date in February.

Proposal to begin YouTube content. Agreed by all. Tasks delegated. First interviews scheduled for February.