December Business Meeting Minutes and Election

12-8-19 Ballyhoo Grill in Gainesville Florida.


Chair Carl Horton

Vice Chair Chris Jones

Treasurer/Secretary James Ward

Members Jote, Greg Caudill, Wanda Ward

Attendance Alia Allen, Benjamin Glazer

Vote was held by the members eligible to vote in regards to Vice chair and Secretary.

C.Jones retains seat

J.Ward is voted in as Secretary to keep the affiliate from folding.

Discussion in regards to state and party requirements for staffing positions.

James balks at being required to have a Secretary and Treasurer be the only two positions that can be combined. Requests ballot initiative to fix this within the party or on the state level.

Discussion about candidates and where to head the party this coming year:

Jote discusses Adrian Wyllie as a possible candidate potential as a write-in.

Benjamin Glazer fills out a registration form to join the LPF and get involved.

Greg Caudill discusses his account and plans. Agrees to give old minutes from meetings he could attend to James for posting.

Discussing Chris Rose still going after us and the need to correct all discrepancies to solve.

Everyone orders al la carte and eats a little of everything from gator bites to tortillas, then ends the meeting.