February 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

15:06 at Crafty Bastards

Treasury Report – $156.55

Secretary – pending checks from the closure of Caudill account

Check PO Box.

Met with Marlowe and Leon on the Suicide Prevention Gala

What will it be called? S.O.S. Stomp Out Suicide

Logos – From Marlowe’s students

Less cartoony lifesaver

Locations? Harn Museum? 2500 to rent

String quartet of students

Date Oct. 26

Souvenir tickets?

Table sponsors

2 photographers

Need backdrop for photo spot


Find charities to benefit

How much money is left to donate?

Hire a coordinator vs lose money to donate

Everything we need to do to get our invitation, and start making money selling tickets

James Ward Membership Drive –

Talk at nationwide insurance

Medieval fair.

Seek out local cons and getting a booth.

Who are our spokespeople?