January 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

January Business Meeting

1/20/19 1500 Crafty Bastards NW 39th

Attending –

Chair Carl Horton

Vice Chair Chris Jones

Member Mayor Jordan Marlowe

Member Jote

Old Business:

Finances, closing of Caudill campaign account. Tbd $563.20

State convention: May 3-5 in Tampa

Discussion about choosing location.

Discussion about activities for convention: electing officers, constitutional amendments

Expanding membership:

Liberty series speakers

Good, but we attract a narrow audience

Jote- key to building group is to build friendships

Jote- have events built off of the events.

Jote – Restarting liberty PAC

More social events.

Younger outreach

Marlowe – find educator at the school who believes in the movement and can help

Caudill – our participation in campaigns gets us in front of audiences

New Business: Festival participation

Is a party booth enough of a draw?

Watermelon festival in Newberry

4th of July in Alachua

Pioneer days high springs
Jote – North Central Florida Libertarians

Marlowe – push issues, do fundraisers for issues

Look at a broader social issue