June 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

General Business Meeting

Old Business

Committee Reports

Membership Committee – Wanda Ward, Chris Jones, Logan

James Ward Chair

New affiliate help committee – Greg Peele from Florida Libertarian Convention

Starting a high school club

Bucholz – Affiliate – endorsement from us.

New registers

Get info of new people

Need to look at data!

Jack v lorie Volunteerist comic

Cheap as free collectors’ editions

New registration bag for new libertarians idea

Books, comic books, kokesh book,

Local print shop – Moe stickers cards bumpers

Youtube page for affiliate: Create

Advertising committee (social media committee):

Not enough attendance.

Why are you a libertarian

What are our ideals


Subscriber drives

Tony S. for camera guy through James.

Editing (time and cost)


Bob Rose Show:

Cost? Look up.