Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Libertarian Planning Meeting

Thank everyone for coming
Have everyone “Check in” to Facebook Event
Encourage everyone to click “Sign Up” button during meeting
Point to Donations Basket

Group Announcements
Election result details (39 states ballots, 4M votes for Johnson/Weld most ever.. commulatively for Libertarian nominee)
National / State party announcements
Ryan Ramsey
Officer nominees give background bios of themselves, elections in December meeting

Local Government Calendar and Issues
City Commission 11/29 3pm, audit and finance committee

Presentations of Progress
New website currently in development
Merged email lists of Johnson volunteers and other libertarians lists into a single mailing list of about 500, but didn’t send newsletter
Planted Gary Johnson / Paul Stanton yard signs at early voting precincts
On November 8th, plant yard signs at several precincts
Carl and Tatiana attended Alachua County Commissioners meeting

Individual Success Stories

Plan of Attack
Continue website development
Send first Email Newsletter
Call registered independents and Libertarians and “Sign Up” them
Register as Alachua County Lobbyist
Corporate sponsorship

Next Meeting’s Time and Location