Meeting Minutes – October 2016

Alachua County Libertarians Meeting 3 at the Alachua County Library in Downtown Gainesville, FL.


Discussing future goals and last minute election duties.

Meeting started at 3:05pm on Oct. 27, 2016. There were 10 people in attendance including officers, Tatiana Grower (Chair), Carl Horton (Vice), Jennifer Mitchell (Secretary) and Allé Ou (Treasurer) was absent.

Carl talked about the group’s future goals after the election. Included were volunteers to begin attending local City Planning Board and City Commission meetings. Discussion also included finding a lobbyist for the group in order to communicate directly with the City Commissioner. Both Carl and Jennifer volunteered to attend at least one of the meetings in the near future.

Tatiana was going to get email lists from Alachua County chat groups and Gary Johnson Campaign lists in order to seek new members and ideas to forming a strong and productive affiliate post election.

A few members told their successful and unsuccessful stories pertaining to the talk of Libertarianism surrounding the upcoming election. Marek Deamud had been interviewed by both Channel 20 and a journalist for the NY Times while participating in a Johnson sign wave outside of Hillary Clinton’s Gainesville headquarters.

Joté Thompson brought extra Gary Johnson materials to distribute before the election and we also discussed members standing outside the major precincts on election day.

Carl discussed the upcoming nominations for next year’s officers, election to be held at December’s meeting. Candidates were to be present with a short bio to encourage people to vote for them. Ginny Fertitto was named Head of Media Communications at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 4:08pm