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In the Party Affiliation Section select “Minor Party” and enter “LPF”

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The Libertarian Party is the ONLY political party dedicated to the idea that

The Person Most Capable of Making Decisions About Your Life is You

Registering as Libertarian Helps to …

Obtain Major Party Status

With just 5% of the electorate in Florida registered as Libertarian, the Libertarian Party will be an option on the voter registration form, instead of having to write it in under Minor Party.

Obtain Ballot Access

The Libertarian Party spends hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars every 2 years insuring our candidates are on the ballot when it’d be better to use those resources into promoting liberty candidates and causes.

Get Into Debates

The more registered Libertarians there are, the more likely media outlets, PACs and the various forums will invite our candidates to participate.  The message of liberty is one that has been diluted and lost in recent generations and entering the debates is the number one way for the masses to learn the benefits liberty-oriented policies bring.

Force the Other Old Parties to Do Better

For too long Americans have faced the illusion of choice at the ballot box.  The old parties both favor big government programs and only vary in what those programs are and how quickly to implement them.  Only competition will improve the quality of candidates and governing.  Having an electorate know that a viable third party is an option will force more honesty and transparency from the entire political system.  Politicians don’t want that; which is why they try so hard to keep us off the ballot.