Run for Local Office in 2018!

Do you want to see Alachua County come down from having the highest millage rate in Florida?  Do you want to see a City of Gainesville that is business friendly and fosters an environment of opportunity for all?  Do you want to see more choice and competition in schools?

Great!  Then we need YOU to run for office in 2018!

Alachua County is a unique area with a large conservative ring wrapped around a solid liberal core and the The Libertarian Party is the ideal party to address the entire constituency as we believe in both economic and social freedom.  Plus, the midterm elections are a great entry point for Libertarians as typically only the most politically aware show up to vote and not just blindly down party lines.

Below is a list of 27 offices coming up for election in 2018.  Let us know which one you are interested in and we will help you file your paperwork, raise money, publish press releases, put up yard signs and canvas the community.

Term Length Incumbent
Alachua County
Commissioner – District 2 4 Years Lee Pinkoson
Commissioner – District 4 4 Years Ken Cornell
School Board – District 1 4 Years April M. Griffin
School Board – District 3 4 Years Gunnar F. Paulson
School Board – District 5 4 Years Robert P. Hyatt
Soil and Water – All 5 Seats 4 Years
City of Alachua
Commissioner – Seat 4 3 Years Shirley Green Brown
Commissioner – Seat 5 3 Years Gary Hardacre
City of Gainesville
Commissioner At-Large 1 3 Years Harvey Budd
Commissioner District 1 3 Years Charles E. Goston Sr.
City of Hawthorne
Commissioner 2 Years Patricia Bouie
Commissioner 2 Years DeLoris Roberts
City of High Springs
Commissioner 3 Years Scott Jamison
Commissioner 3 Years Linda Jones
City of LaCrosse
Mayor 2 Years Dianne Dubberly
Council Member 2 Years Jennifer McLendon
Council Member 2 Years Tom Ewing
City of Micanopy
Mayor 3 Years Virginia L. Mance
City of Newberry
Commissioner – Group 1 2 Years Rick Coleman
Commissioner – Group 2 2 Years Jason McGehee
Commissioner – Group 3 2 Years Monty Farnsworth
City of Waldo
Mayor 2 Years Louie Davis
Council Member 2 Years Irvin Jackson