September Meeting Minutes

Madam Secretary here for the Libertarian Party of Alachua County, to post our meeting minutes. Enjoy!

Attendees: Wanda, James, Chris

**New attendee: Tim**

Meeting Location: Blackadder Brewing

Topics: Chris stated there are 800 registered Libertarians in Alachua County. (not sure how old that number is though.)

Allegedly, in 2019 more than half of the property in Gainesville between UF, churches, schools and other public buildings, is not subjected to property taxes. According to Chris.

  • Need to verify the current numbers.
  • There seems to be 2 or 3 blind dates here…
  • Also, UF doesn’t pay GRU for power but instead Duke Energy. Not cool.
  • Meeting is adjourned. We’re just drinking and talking about ideals.

Next meeting: October 3rd, 2021 at Blackadder Brewing 3-4pm

Remember: Make sure to Naruto run past your problems!

Posted by The Madam Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Alachua County Wanda Ward